Venetian Blind Sharp Point 25 mm

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Venetian Blinds are one of the best types of window blinds that you can choose to complement the interior of your room. Today, window coverings aren't just curtains, but also available in a variety of stylish window blinds designs. This form of Blinds is extending sideways or horizontally, the opposite of vertical vertical blinds.

Venetian Blinds in general has a slat width of about 9 mm and 25 mm. This slat is a "leaf" Blinds that can open and close, is controlled by pulling the Blinds chain or by using a motorized system controller Blinds so that its operation is very easy and practical. In addition, the following are other reasons why Venetian Blinds is suitable for use in your room:

Control sunlight effectively

Horizontal leaves on the Blinds will be very helpful in controlling the amount of sunlight entering the room more easily. By simply lowering or raising the leaf opening / Blinds blades according to the desired amount of light.

Simple and elegant

Using Venetian Blinds will make your room look more elegant, with a simple and beautiful design and can provide a comfortable and modern feel. These blinds are also easy to operate and can produce characters that are strong enough in the room.

Durable material

Venetian Blinds are generally made with strong material, in addition to ensuring Blinds can open and close properly, strong material also makes it durable than ordinary curtains.

Easy to Clean

In addition to being practical, elegant and durable, Venetian Blinds are also easy to clean. Simply by wiping the Blinds with a dry cloth or wet cloth, the Blinds can look clean without the need to bother washing it.